A Life Worth Living is supported almost entirely by private contributions. The overwhelming majority of our contributors are individuals just like you, who support our mission to end the silence specific to the stigma surround teen suicide. With your support, our ability to film the upcoming documentary series can be a reality. Together if we can save just one life, it's been worth it! 

We are a 5013c your donations are deductible for tax purposes!

Help us end the silence.

** Your donations are 100% tax deductible as we are a non profit 501c3 organization.**

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For the next 30 days you are being invited to help contribute to help with the new docuseries. The focus of this project is to showcase the stories of communities, families and those directly impacted by the devastation of teen suicide.

With your help, we can secure the financing needed to meet our production costs while completing the first few episodes of the series. Every single dollar helps us in this mission to reach more teens in need. You can learn more and get involved by clicking the DONATE button.